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Osirians Ra'an.jpg
A crowd of Osirians
HomeworldOsiris 4
First appearance"A Pharaoh to Remember" (3ACV17)

The Osirians inhabit the planet Osiris 4. Their culture is based on that of the human Ancient Egyptians, from whom the Osirians learned pyramid-building, burial customs, and space travel. Those native to the planet appear to be either human or of a species based on Anubis and Thoth. Osirian society is made up of High Priests, higher class workers, and slaves. The High Priests and higher classes enjoy a life of luxury while the slaves work day and night.

Over all Osirians rules the Pharaoh. On a Pharaoh's death he is mummified and buried along with his most prized possessions, as well as bags filled with live cats, which Osirians consider to be sacred. Performers who sing at the burial ceremony are also thrown into the deceased Pharaoh's tomb. A new Pharaoh is chosen by consulting the Wall of Prophecy. Bender once became a Pharoah after engraving the Wall with an image of himself (3ACV17).

Osirian Species

  • Bird-like Humanoids
  • Jackal-like Humanoids
  • Weak, human-like Slaves
  • And much more powerful and superior Human-like people

Known upper class Osirians

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