Parade Day

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Parade Day
Parade Day Parade 2.png
Some floats in the 3011 Parade Day Parade.
Celebrated whereNew New York, Earth
First appearance"Ghost in the Machines" (6ACV19)

Parade Day, since 3011 also known as Fry-day, is a day when lots of parades are held in New New York. It used to be that many parades were held on separate days - when the Professor was young, they had parades every day - but since Parade Day was formed, they were all put together into one big Parade Day Parade.

Parade Day Parade

On this parade are there many real world parades. There is a parade for St. Patrick's Day, a parade for the Earthican army (Zapp Brannigan mostly), a parade for robots, a Jamaican parade which is filled with marijuana smoke and parades for food and various aliens.

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