Alternate universes

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Alternate universes
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First appearance"I Dated a Robot" (3ACV15)

Alternate universes are universes of nature similar to our own, with differences that vary from subtle to extreme. The viewer/Futurama's universe does not have an official name, though it was called "Universe A" by the Planet Express crew, and "Universe Gamma" by Yivo. "Gamma" implies it is third in a series. Presumably, Yivo considers shkler own "Universe Alpha" with "Universe Beta" heretofore unknown. Parallel universes can be accessed via certain portals, including Parallel Universe Boxes and Anomalies.

Known universes

Below is a list of parallel universes in the order they appear. There are at least 1730 universes.

Names appearing in italic are non-official names (i.e. their name is never actually mentioned).

Universe Γ
Our Universe. Also known as Universe A by Planet Express crew.
Universe 1
The main difference in this Universe is that coin flips have opposite results to those in our own universe, and that color schemes are slightly different here. The Parallel Universe Boxes here are blue, and instead of the sky being blue with clouds, and at night sky being black, the sky is like a rainbow. At night the colors are darker. However, that might be the sky was a flip with blue being one side and random being the other.
Universe 3
Futurama is the #1-rated show in this universe. [7ACV24]
Universe XVII
A universe where society hasn't moved past that of Ancient Rome, though they apparently have science advanced enough to create their own Parallel Universe Boxes, which are purple.
Universe 25
Here, none of the inhabitants appear to have eyes, though they are not unfamiliar with the concept of sight. (e.g., when asked if they saw anything, they replied in the negative, rather than question what "see" means) The Parallel Universe Boxes here are white. This universe's Leela would be more normal due to her only difference being eye number, elbow talons, and singing butt boil.
Universe 31
Inhabitants shown are robots. It is possible (though not confirmed) that robots would likewise be human. The Parallel Universe Boxes here are green.
Universe 420
Inhabitants are hippies and smoke marijuana. They have a shortage of boxes, which are orange.
Universe 1729
Inhabitants are Bobbleheads who say impolite things and speaking seems to set them in motion. The Parallel Universe Boxes here are pink.
Cowboy Universe
The first alternate universe shown, it was created simultaneously by the Big Bang. In this universe, everybody dresses as cowboys. Before the events of "The Farnsworth Parabox", it was thought the only other existing alternate universe. It is possible that this is the only universe which was extra-dimensionally adjacent to our own, thus limiting access to the others. Through various means, these extradimensional gaps have been bridged.
Pocket Dimension Universe
Where the Infosphere and the Brain Spawn are now. This universe is white with various hues. This implies it may be the reverse of our own, if only chromatically.
Icy Universe.
Women Universe.
Octopus Universe.
Leprechaun Universe.
Pirate Universe.
Yivo's Universe
The universe where Yivo lives by shklerself (and later with Colleen). It is entirely different, and according to Yivo, this universe is older than ours (though it is shown that this universe is slightly offset to ours, but has the same time between creation and end of universe). This is the only thing that is similar). Our universe is toxic to its inhabitants, but the reverse does not seem to be true.
An alternative reality, created by Bender's imagination. Possibly gone as the Fellowship failed their quest.
Ironic Universe
A universe where everything is ironic, which is used for the scripts of The Scary Door.
Second dimension
A two-dimensional reality.

What-if universes

Professor Farnsworth built a machine called the what-if machine. This machine, if the user asks it a what-if question, will show an "alternate reality," where the user sees what their life would be like should the question be reality. The known realities shown are listed here.

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