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Tertiary character
President of the network
President of the network.png
ProfessionPresident of the network that airs All My Circuits
First appearance"Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television" (4ACV06)
Voiced byBilly West

The president of the network that airs All My Circuits appears to be a type of software, and is compatible with both a computer laptop, designed close to the Apple PowerBook (4ACV06), and a cell phone (7ACV20). He hired Bender to play for his role on All My Circuits, when he found out that their Nielsen families' eyeball focus was up 90% when Bender was on screen (4ACV06).

He was willing to dismiss Calculon's concerns on children watching the show with the fact that Bender would bring in loads of money from advertisers with his high-definition filth. As he puts it, they love being filthy rich.

His three loyal executives are the Execu-Bots, whom follow him where ever he go. In addition, he is also carried around by a man in a blue suit.

The network's name seems to be Parallel Universal Studios (7ACV20).

Additional Info


    President of the network: At our network, we love filth! Filthy rich, that is! Being filthy rich, that is!

    [Prof. Farnsworth and the President of the network are threatening Bender.]
    Farnsworth: Quit the show!
    President: Do the scene.
    Farnsworth: I'm a cold-blooded punk!
    President: I once put a laugh track on a sitcom that had no jokes in it.


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