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Futurama Comic 52.png
US Publish Number52
UK Publish Number(s)60
Written byEric Rogers
main comicMike Kazaleh
mini comicJohn Delaney
Title captionCollectable black light poster #3 of 6 inside!
Published (US)24 November, 2010

"Ro-Botox!" is the fifty-second comic issue, released 24 November, 2010 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Bender has recorded a video of himself dancing and uploaded it to, but the only thing on camera is his face and butt, both of which are showing signs of age; sagging, corrosion, creases, rust and robo-acne. Bender finds this quite upsetting, especially after learning that there have been 4 gorblillion views from across the universe. Amy suggests that he see the cosmetic surgeon that she and her mother use. The surgeon suggests that he needs a few dozen operations, and manages to convince him to use Cubert's college fund to pay for a re-sculpting of his ass. As he and Amy head back to the office, various citizens find themselves complementing Bender, he even manages to bring in a customer. Bender sees this as an opportunity to greatly improve his life and tricks Fry into co-signing for a loan.

Act II

After a few more operations, Bender has brought in so many customers that Planet Express has become the world's number one shipping company, Shipping Illustrated writes a profile on the company and puts Bender on the cover. With all the attention, Bender has become a popular celebrity. Bender visits the doctor hoping to have more surgery, but the doctor refuses, telling him his needs time to recover and has become addicted. On a delivery, paparazzi cause Leela to crash the ship. After boarding, they demand to see Bender, but refuse to believe that the robot they are talking to is him. They then take Fry and Leela to use as celebrity chasing slaves. Bender visits the surgeon and has his body restored, then rescues his friends by distracting the paparazzi with the heads of some celebrities' children.

Additional Info



    Bender: "Cosmetic surgeon"? I don't know... doing something for vain reasons isn't like me at all.

    Hattie McDoogal: Hey, that's a nice whatchacallit...ass!


  • According to promotional material; John Delaney, artist for the mini comic, is listed as a writer. Dan Davis, inker of the mini comic, is listed for art.
    • Inkers sometimes help refine the art.

Special Features

  • According to the promotional blurb "this issue features the third of six awesome Futurama posters, suitable for unfolding." Like the previous issues' posters, it is a black light poster. This poster is a re-coloured version of "Robot Santa's Little Helpers"' cover art.
  • Comic - Captain Zapp Brannigan in Purple Tentacle Tour
    Kif and some DOOP soldiers find Zapp, who had been lost in a battle field, but managed to save the life of one soldier from his unit. Private Carroll is in a coma that may be permanent, but Zapp receives a medal, the Purple Tentacle, and over the next few weeks uses his story to boost recruitment. But when Carroll wakes up, Zapp tells him the "truth" about how Carroll had protected him, with this new story still leaving Zapp in a heroic role. Zapp publicly gives his medal to Carroll and tells the world the new version of the story, which makes him more popular than ever.


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