Santa Claus' aides

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Santa Claus' aides
Santa Claus' aides.png
Making Bongo toys.
LocationJolly Junction, Neptune
LeaderRobot Santa Claus
First appearance"A Tale of Two Santas" (3ACV03)
Current statusActive

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Santa Claus' aides are Neptunians who help Robot Santa Claus. They live in the Jolly Junction, on Neptune, and are very shrimpy, because he doesn't feed them. The aides make toys, and gladly work for nothing, but were once forbidden to do so, since Santa judged everyone to be naughty. However, they got back in business after Bender, their hero, Fry, and Leela arrived in the Death Fortress and defeated Robot Santa Claus.

Additonal Info


  • They have been mistaken for elves.
  • According to writer Bill Odenkirk they are supposed to be homosexual, which is also the reason why they hold hands. Another reference to this is made when Fry comments on one of the aides' "breezy short shorts".


    Aide #1: Hey! Wanna buy a tiny little kidney?
    Aide #2: I'll let you punch me for a buck.
    Fry: Uh, look: we've got mail for Santa. Are you his elves?
    Aide #2: We're not elves. We're Neptunians.
    Aide #1: We're just shrimpy because he doesn't feed us.
    Aide #2: [He grabs Fry's hand and slaps himself with it.] You hit me! You owe me a dollar.