Sea monkeys

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Tertiary character
Sea monkeys
Sea Monkeys 4.jpg
SpeciesBrine shrimp
First appearance"Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!" (US#001)
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Trying to impress his friends, Fry once bought some sea monkeys from Shifty's True Wonders of the 20th Century Emporium. [US#001] After pouring his new pets into a bowl he discovered that, after a thousand years, the sea monkeys had all died. Instead of flushing them down the toilet, Professor Farnsworth had Fry dispose of them in a vat of gamma radiation. As a result, their tissue and blood cells were mutated and the former pets had an explosive growth spurt, turning them into giants who went on a rampage and started eating New New York.

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  • The original package of sea monkeys cost $1.
  • The bill for carcase removal was $80,000.


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