Single Female Lawyer

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Single Female Lawyer
Single Female Lawyer.jpg
Country of originUSA
First appearance"When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)
ChannelWNYW - 20th Century Fox

Single Female Lawyer was a late 20th century TV series that ran on the Fox Network. It is a spoof of the real-world series Ally McBeal. Its heroine is the single female lawyer (Jenny McNeal) who wears an extremely short mini-skirt and is promiscuous. The series emphasizes her sexual exploits with both clients and court personnel as well as her efforts to win her cases.

The series is much enjoyed by the Omicronians, which have the habit of watching it in real-time after the TV signals have traveled the 1000 light years to Omicron Persei 8. When the season finale's broadcast was interrupted by Fry in 1999, the resulting confusion caused the Omicronians to invade Earth in order to learn the ending at all costs and, if possible, obtain McNeal herself. Unfortunately, since most videotapes from the time the show was made were destroyed during the Second Coming, the Planet Express crew were forced to write and produce their own version, which narrowly satisfied the Omicronians.

Fry judged the show as a "chick show", but was ready to watch it nonetheless as the heroine was wearing "the world's shortiest skirt".

Single Female Lawyer Theme

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