Space Boy in Outer Space

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Supported canon
Space Boy in Outer Space
SpaceBoy BSNBAoT.png
TypeComic book series
First appearance"Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!" (US#001)

Space Boy in Outer Space is a series of comics focused on a sci-fi action hero that launched in or before 1979 and spanning at least 150 issues. Space Boy was Fry's favourite comic as a kid and he continued to read it while working at Panucci's Pizza. In the 31st century Frank Miller's head wrote a re-imagining of the series entitled The Dark 'Naut Returns Overdue Library Books. Shortly afterwords, production on a film starring Calculon and Fry as Space Boy was started but canceled after the script was leaked.

Releases included The Amazing Space Boy Annual #5, December 1988 and Space Boy #150, "The Death of Space Boy".

Additional Info


  • The title of issue #150 is most likely a reference to The Death of Superman storyline, which ended with Superman being alive.
  • "The Dark 'Naut Returns" is a reference to Batman, and, more specifically, Miller's previous work "The Dark Knight Returns".
  • Space Boy is one of the choices given to Free Waterfall III to identify as a series that has not run for one thousand issues. While the answer wasn't revealed, there is a 66% chance that this was one of the long running comics. But given that one of the series ended in 1999 this series most likely reached issue #1000 by the year 3002.
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