Space Pirates

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Space Pirates
Space Pirates 3.jpg
Emperor Grog, the first Space Pirate seen in Futurama
First appearance"Godfellas" (3ACV20)

Space Pirates are pirates that cruise around space stealing cargo from ships like the Planet Express Ship. The pirates have four legs, some wooden, as well as three eyes, with patches over some. Fry and Leela succeeded in fending off two of their Pirate Ships although they lost Bender in the process.

Robot Space Pirates also exist, it is very likely that Space Pirates can originate from practically any species. Flags differ between groups of pirates.

Space Pirates may be similar to Space Banditos. The main difference being that Space Banditos use maracas.

A similar group is the Army of the Damned who could be considered Space Pirates as they donned pirate outfits during The Robot Invasion of Heaven when they fought against Yivo.


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