Storyboard:The Thief of Baghead

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Storyboard for
"The Thief of Baghead"
The Thief of Baghead storyboard 9.jpg

Part of the storyboard for "The Thief of Baghead" was released by Countdown to Futurama in May 2012 (from scenes 142 and 143 on 18 May [1] and from scenes 3 and 5 through 8 on 21 May). [2]

Scenes 3 and 5 through 8

Calculon says that "someone in [the] room is a murderer" as the camera zooms in on him. A dramatic sting plays. The room has a couch, something which is either a mirror or a painting, a fireplace, a window, an armchair, a table and a rug. A Robot boy, Monique and Boxy Robot are seating on the couch. Calculon is standing on the rug. He says that "[the murderer's himself]", touches his chest with his right hand, puts his right hand on his chin, says that, however, "the real question [is] which of [the other three] is the victim", points at them, says that, "that secret", "[he] shall take to [his] grave" as he takes a few steps and the camera pans over to accompany him and points a sword at his chest with his left hand. The Robot boy looks alarmed. Calculon impales himself and makes dramatic death sounds.

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Scenes 142 and 143

Bender - whose camera is hanging from his neck and who is being chased by a strange dog - says "oh god, please let this tacky Hollywood mansion have the obligatory", sees a "Tuscan-inspired pergola", puts his hands up, exclaims "yes", runs toward it, leaps onto it and climbs up. The strange dog bites and growls as it leaps impotently below Bender. Bender looks down scared.

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