Striped biologist-taunters

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Striped biologist-taunters
Striped biologist-taunters.png
The striped biologist-taunters in 3009 (ItWGY).
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

The striped biologist-taunters are a race of creatures brought back to life by the Last Encyclopod in 3009 (ItWGY).

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    Nine: Imagine, all the animals that failed evolution's test, alive again! The dodo bird, the brittle-klutz, the striped biologist-taunter.

    Farnsworth: Look! Inside its pouch. Extinct Tasmanian tigers!
    Amy: And dodo birds!
    Leela: And white rhinos!
    Hermes: And striped biologist-taunters!
    Striped biologist-taunter: What are you gonna do, shoot us?