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You'll have to forgive me if I am putting this in an incorrect format. I do not visit wikis often, and it is my intention to add this paragraph to the "Frida Waterfall" discussion page. I also apologize if this tale is difficult to understand. It's a complicated situation, and you may have to read through it twice to grasp what I am asking. Anyhow, I found myself here because I was doing a google search for a specific person. Her middle name had escaped my memory, and it seems that she abandoned the usual internet sites that I once used to communicate with her. (I discovered why after I visited her wikipedia page, but that particular detail isn't important at the moment.) The reason I came to The Infosphere in search of this woman's middle name is because I was almost positive that the writers of Futurama had modeled Frida Waterfall after her. I was so certain that I came here first and didn't even bother to look at her old sites. The woman I'm referring to is Midge Regina Potts. She founded a political group called Code Pink, which I thought was the inspiration for The Feministas. Midge was also an unsuccessful politician when she lived in Springfield, Missouri. I assumed that a reference to a person of interest based out of a Springfield would be a cute inside joke, considering the location of Matt Groening's Simpsons. Midge is also a transsexual, and Frida has a decidedly masculine voice. (I found out just today that the character's voice actor was actually a man.) There are other details that lead me to this conclusion; the pink clothing, the blonde hair, the bad puns, etc. Midge is not quite as environmentally focused as Frida is, but I am still surprised that nobody else made the connection before. I know if my above summary held any truth, it probably would have been unearthed by now. I'm sure Futurama and the creators' intentions are dissected and scrutinized as much as any other cult favorite. But this is bothering me even though it's probably just my imagination running wild. Has anyone heard anything about this? Know anything about it at all? Also think it's odd? If anyone responds, thank you!