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The Moon.jpg
LocationEarth orbit
Inhabited byHumans
Ruled byAl Gore
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)

Earth's moon has been a powerful symbol throughout human history. By the year 3000, it is disdained as a boring chunk of useless rock. Only a short trip from Earth, the moon is home to Luna Park, animals like space alligators and the mighty moon worm, and a few scattered hydroponic farms with herds of Buggalo. The farmers themselves have a culture similar to the rural southeastern United States of the 21st century; a common slogan among them is "The moon will rise again.". The first emperor of the moon is Al Gore. According to Richard Nixon, the moon was populated by "revolting Onion Men" in 1969.

The original lunar landing site was lost to history hundreds of years ago, but Fry and Leela stumble upon it while seeking shelter from the fatally-low temperatures of the lunar night.

By 3014, the moon had been "closed for renovations". [SABF16] Disputed canon

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The moon in 3014. [SABF16] Disputed canon