Turanga-Fillmore wedding

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Turanga-Fillmore wedding
Lars and Leela in the wedding card.
Celebrated when27 December, 3007
Celebrated whereFirst Amalgamated Church, New New York
Celebrated byTuranga Leela, Lars Fillmore, and guests
First appearanceBender's Big Score

The wedding of Turanga Leela and Lars Fillmore was scheduled to occur on 27 December, 3007 at 4 PM, three days after Lars' proposal, at the First Amalgamated Church in New New York. The hors d'oeuvres were provided by Elzar and included Crud Puffs and a Schlimp Cocktail.

Fry was jealous of Lars marrying Leela and attempted to stop the ceremony by switching the pen used for signing the wedding license with a fake, inkless one. The ceremony would have been unaffected if Hermes hadn't tripped and caused a chandelier to fall and electrocute him. His body was fatally wounded, but his head was saved and placed into a jar. Professor Farnsworth then noted that Hermes' body was doomed because it was a time-paradox duplicate. This caused Lars, himself a time-paradox duplicate of Fry, to get scared and call off the wedding.


Additonal Info


  • Due to time paradoxes, Leela could have married Fry two other times in her lifetime. [3ACV14] [7ACV26]
  • Turanga Munda and Turanga Morris were not formal guests at the wedding, as mutants could not legally attend church above-ground. However, they witnessed the proceedings through a sewer grate in the aisle.