Unattractive giant monster's mother

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Tertiary character
Unattractive giant monster
UGM momma 2.png
The unattractive giant monster shows his mother's picture to Bender. [6ACV17]
RelativesUnattractive giant monster, son
First appearance"Benderama"

The mother of the unattractive giant monster is, according to both the monster and Bender, much uglier and more disgusting than her son, who by all accounts is very ugly. [6ACV17] A sheer picture of her was enough for Bender to have to look away, and to almost lose his fight with monster.

In spite of this, the unattractive giant monster apparently loved his mother very much, and offending her made him very upset even when he managed to control himself when he himself was offended.

Additional Info


    Unattractive giant monster: All I wanted was to apologise to you people! But now I have to kill you...
    Bender: How? By making me look at you? Hahahaha!
    Unattractive giant monster: No. By making you look at - my momma!
    Bender: Aah! You momma so ugly!
    Unattractive giant monster: I told you not to talk about my momma!