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Hello i am futuramafan11 i love futurama. My favourite characters are Leela, Fry, Amy, Zoidberg and Marianne.

  My favorite episodes are....

Amy Leela Combat.jpg This user sometimes wishes they were animated.
Planet Express Logo.png This user would like to work at Planet Express.
Sewer Mutants.jpg This user is mutated.
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth.jpg This user has a scientific background of some sort.
Bender promo 2.jpg This user supports Bender for Eternal President of the United States.
Hermes Conrad.jpg This user's least favourite character is Hermes.
Holophonor.jpg This user plays the Holophoner
Propinfin.png This user is a supporter of Proposition ∞
Space Bees.jpg This user wants revenge on the Space Bees
Parallel Crew Portrait.jpg This User is from Universe 1.
Title Screen (clean).jpg This user watches Futurama instead of sleeping.
Earth.jpg This user is unfortunately from Earth.
Frypope.jpg This user loves the tentacle
Cornwood map.png This user lives in Cornwood.
Zoidy.jpg This user is an innocent monster
Frydo.jpg This user loves the dodecalicious!
Fellowship.jpg This user is apart of The Fellowship
Centaurs.png This user is also a centaur.
ZoidbergToynami.jpg This user has at least one of the Toynami action figures.

Primary character
Date of birthJuly 11th 2001
SpeciesHuman (mutant)
Planet of originEarth (Don't remind me)
ProfessionStar Ship Captain (Nope just a student)
Bureaucrat grade12
RelativesSewer mutants possibly
First appearance{{{first appear}}}

In 2023, we're gonna have one awesome story. Leela/Amy and Kif's children