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"And I'm his friend, Jesus"

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Voiced By: Myself
Born: January 18, 1996



Possible Plotlines, now that Futurama is back

  • Mom, for some reason, recalls every single robot created by her company with helicopters with giant magnets. The magnets make all the robots stuck to them to sing a beautiful song together as a choir.
  • Kif becomes the captain of the Nimbus, while Zapp becomes the first officer.
  • Due to a technicality, Earth is declared not to be considered a planet. Some possible results include Earth being kicked out of D.O.O.P., and Lrrr cancelling an invasion.

Pages I've Made

And more.

Pages I made when I was known as someone else.(I forgot my password, and had to make a new account.)

And more.

Additional Info


  • I live in Canada.
  • The first comic I've read was Twice Told Tales of Interest.
  • I first saw Futurama when it premiered on Teletoon a LOOOOONG time ago.