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"We're whalers on the Moon, we carry a harpoon, but there ain't no whales, so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune!"

Species: Homo sapiens monoops
Origin: Nazi-planet-episode-land (TCFKAG, or The Country Formerly Known As Germany)
Age: 34
Occupation: Attorney, so you'd better watch your backs ;)
Voiced by: Christopher


Born one year and three days before Philip J. Fry. Lives in Germany and likes it, believe it or not. Die-hard Futurama fan since 1999, recently re-discovered the charm of the series. Used the series in abundance to improve English skills. Great admirer of the One-Eyed Lightning.


Languages known

  • German (native speaker)
  • English
  • A little French
  • A few words Italian


  • History
  • Geography
  • Literature (German and English)
  • Military History
  • Writing (German and English)
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy


  • Leela: Birds don't crawl.
  • Hedonism Bot: But I'm not done vomiting! Ahahahahaa!
  • Fry: This is weak!

Language issues

I think I have fairly good English skills, but of course, I am no native speaker and they are not perfect. Don't hesitate to correct errors in grammar or spelling if you run across them. By the way, my main training grounds for English were, aside from school, Futurama and the books by Terry Pratchett.

Misc. Info