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Species: unknown
Planet of Origin: Earth, United Kingdom
Voiced By: Doug Hilliard
Born: 1985
Fan since: 2001
Joined: 20 August, 2010
First Appearance: unknown


Zedderick, also known by the names ZedderZulu and Zed 85, is a British Futurama fan, who is also overly keen in creating fan-art and fan-fiction. Zedderick has created hundreds of pictures since 2001 and hundreds of pages of words - though none of his stories have been published yet, partially due to their ruddy great length and the age it is taking to finish them.

Zedderick also is a big fan of history, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, computer games and Formula One, which is arguably the only thing he loves more than Futurama.


I do have a family but who they are I'm not going to tell you. Because at least one of them would kill me.

Languages Known

  • English - native (that's English English BTW)
  • Russian - basic
  • German - smattering
  • Finnish - perkele!
  • Wikicode

Additional Info


  • I used to be a student, but now I'm just unemployed.
  • Had the pleasure of being in New York on the weekend of the calamitous 2005 United States Grand Prix in which only six cars ultimately took part (go Minardi!). However, news coverage of the event was extremely poor, though conversely I can make the claim that while the US Grand Prix didn't feature on the WB11 evening news, I did! Score! And it was all thanks to a get-together of Futurama fans! <D


  • Me-ish: Jack of all trades...Master of **** all!
  • Heikki Kovalainen: Perkele!


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