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The vampire János[7ACV26]
First appearance"I Dated a Robot" (3ACV15)

Vampires are a species of humanoids seen occasionally on Earth. Though not much is known about them, they are similar to vampires in classical mythology in many ways. They have fangs, drink blood, can turn into bats, and have the same appearance and accents of classical vampires. Two vampires are seen in the film Charlie's Angels III: The Legend of Charlie's Gold, which implies that vampires also sleep in coffins, and don't have reflections, but it's possible that these vampires were fictional as the movie was made in 2007.[3ACV15] Vampires ran the bank that Bender kept his hero medal in in 3013,[7ACV18] as well as the Vampire State Building, where Fry rented the roof for a romantic dinner with Leela later that same year.[7ACV26] Although they are like classical vampires in most ways, unlike classical vampires, they are able to survive out in the sun.

Racial Abilities

One known special ability of vampires is that they are able to turn into bats if they want to. Since they share this with classical vampires, they may also live longer than usual and be unusually strong. As noted above, they are immune to the effects of sunlight, but it's implied that they are stronger at night.[7ACV26]


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