Vega 4

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Vega 4
Paramecium soldiers possibly on Vega 4
Inhabited byParameciums
First appearance"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)

Vega 4 is the homeworld of the Parameciums.

Miss Universe Gladys Lennox entertained Paramecium troops preparing to wipe out the human race in "Raging Bender". This took place at a military base that was possibly on Vega 4. If it was, then the planet has rolling, possibly gelatinous hills that resemble the material that makes up their bodies.

Additional Info


    Zapp Brannigan: And the winner is Miss Vega 4.

    Annoucer: Newly elected Miss Universe entertains the Paramecium troops trying to wipe out the human race, go get them boys.