West Britannia

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West Britannia
West Britannia.png
As depicted when Zoidsmythe turns on the documentary America the Dutiful. [6ACV23]
LocationNorth and Central America
Planet of locationEarth
Ruled byQueen of England
First appearance"All the Presidents' Heads" (6ACV23)

West Britannia was a British territory encompassing all of North and Central America. It existed in an alternate timeline where the American Revolutionary War failed and the United States of America never existed, after the Planet Express crew traveled back to 1775 and Fry accidentally gave bad information to Paul Revere. [6ACV23] West Britannia was very Elizabethan and Victorian in character, and displayed common stereotypes associated with the United Kingdom. It was ruled by the Queen of England, and a large section of the territory was owned by the Farnsworth family.

The territory ceased to exist after the Planet Express crew went back and fixed the timeline.

Additional info


  • West Britannia might be named after Great Britain.
  • West Britannia was a direct continuation of British America, which included large parts of North America in 1775.
  • Spain controlled Central America until 1821, so it's unknown how the UK came to possess the territories in the alternate timeline.