Wheel of Robots

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Wheel of Robots
Wheel of Robots.png
TypeWheel of fortune
Owner(s)Robot Devil
First appearance"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (4ACV18)

The Wheel of Robots is a big prize wheel located in Robot Hell. The Robot Devil used it to pick a robot at random to remove his hands and switch them for Fry's.

Robot Devil spins the wheel so fast it's not easy to see the names of the robots but they are actual robots who have appeared in the show. The producers made sure they weren't robots like "Cleaning Robot" that appeared for a second.[1]

When the episode is watched frame-by-frame closely, the Robot Devil's name is seen at the very start of the spin AND the very end, which implies that only the characters listed below are on the wheel at all, especially considering the size of the wheel itself. It would seem then that not every robot in the universe is on it, but only ones Fry may have personally encountered at one point, which would be quite fitting for the Robot Devil given his guarantee that Fry "definitely probably" won't know the robot he is about to switch with.

Characters on the Wheel of Robots

Names in italics are robots who have one or no hands to switch with Fry. However, this could be a way the Robot Devil could have cheated Fry.
  • It was implied that the wheel was supposed to land on Bender.

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