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George Takei Weekend was the third event in Worlds of Tomorrow. It began on July 14, 2017 and ended on July 20, 2017 at 3 PM PST.

Animal Instincts Weekend George Takei Weekend Party on Omicron


Image Name Cost Class Description
George Takei WoT.png George Takei 0, Needs to be unlocked Captain Normally I don't let strangers unlock me, but you're an exception.
Neil Tyson.png Neil deGrasse Tyson's head Pizza.png 300 Scientist I don't think I'm smarter than you, I KNOW I'm smarter than you.


Image Name Cost Description
Takei statue.png George Takei Statue 0, Needs to be unlocked Ozymandios, eat your heart out.

Space Missions

Name Planet Fuel needed Unlock requirements Enemies
Do It For Sulu
"Get ready for some Takei extraction action."
Path 1: 16
Locked 1 (Level 7): 18
Locked 2 (Level 12): 20
Mission requires Amy, Fry
Scientist character level 7
Scientist character level 12
Buggalo WOT.png Martian Spider WOT.png
Wild buggalo Martian spider
Rock Alien WOT.png Native Martian WOT.png
Rock alien Native Martian
Leo Wong Enemy.png Inez Wong Enemy.png
Leo Wong Inez Wong
Georgie Porgy
"You can watch "Heroes". Just for one day."
Path 1: 19
Locked 1 (Level 9): 23
Locked 2 (Level 15): 21
Mission requires George Takei
Scientist character level 9
Scientist character level 15
George of the Space Jungle
"Watch out for that debris!"
Path 1: 15
Locked 1 (Level 16): 19
Locked 2 (Level 20): 19
Mission requires George Takei
Scientist character level 16
Scientist character level 20
Takei With a Vengence
"The final "i" is long. So is his memory"
Path 1: 19
Locked 1 (Level 19): 23
Locked 2 (Level 23): 21
Mission requires George Takei
Scientist character level 19
Scientist character level 23


The George Takei Experience

Complete all quests and space missions for George Takei Weekend!
Goal complete: The George Takei Experience (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 1

Professor WOT.png Amy, there you are! I've just been watching a video George Takei posted to his billions of followers. It appears your parents have kidnapped him and taken him to Mars!
Amy WOT.png Kidnapped? I saw that video too. He said my parents invited him and he was having a great time.
Professor WOT.png Yes, but his voice lacked that mellow Takei rumble. And he was furiously blinking "Oh, my!" in Morse code the entire time.
The crew hears conficting reports. Have the professor locate George Takei (1m).
Amy WOT.png My parents have kidnapped the beloved George Takei! We need to save him!
Fry WOT.png Umm... Right now, I'm saving the universe--
Amy WOT.png But George Takei is a celebrity! I don't think the universe has ever been on TV!
Fry WOT.png I bet it has. But it sure doesn't have as many followers as Takei does, so lets go.
Goal complete: Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 2

Amy WOT.png Okay, here's the plan: you rescue Takei while I'm distracting my parents by announcing I'm pregnant and showering me with gifts.
Fry WOT.png Aww! I want gifts! Couldn't we switch?
Amy WOT.png No! Besides, I'll have to return the gifts when they find out I was lying, but you'll still be the hero.
Fry WOT.png Eh, I suppose George Takei's eternal gratitude is better than nothing.
The crew attempts George Takei's rescue. Rescue George Takei from Mars.
George Takei WoT.png Are you here to rescue me?
Amy WOT.png That's Fry's job. I'm here to stick it to my parents.
George Takei WoT.png Er... nothing against Fry, but couldn't you switch? YOU rescue me and have Fry deal with you parents?
Amy WOT.png Why do people keep suggesting that?
"Do It For Sulu" Mars mission boss fight with Leo and Inez Wong.
Amy WOT.png You're safe now, Mr. Takei. By the way, weren't you just a head in a jar the last time I saw you?
George Takei WoT.png Yes I was, Amy. But you may remember the all-powerful entity Mellivar, another fan who once captured me... he gave me my body in exchange for an autographed copy of my autobiography.
Amy WOT.png That's all he wanted? You got a great deal!
George Takei WoT.png Oh no I didn't. He insisted that the personal dedication come from Bill Shatner.
Goal complete: Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 3

Bender WOT.png Hey, Takei, I'm heading out to O'Zorgnax's. How about a drink?
George Takei WoT.png Please, Bender, I'm still recovering from the nightmare of being kidnapped.
Bender WOT.png Did I mention they serve tranya?...
George Takei WoT.png Demons banished.
Bender invites George Takei. Convince George Takei to stay in New New York.
George Takei unlock requirements: 79 TOS Tapes (Get from Mars Mission "Do It for Sulu").
10 Tranya (Have Scruffy Order Some Tranya, Have The Professor Order Some Tranya, or Have Bender Order Some Tranya)
10 Autographed Headshots (Collect from 7^11, Collect from Food-O-Mat, or Collect from Church of Trek)
10 Phasers (Have Kif Leave Flowers for Amy, Have Fry Buy Retro Junk, or Have Neil deGrasse Tyson Observe the Universe)
George Takei WoT.png Blecch! That tranya was awful, I'm actually sorry I got my body back!
Bender WOT.png Well, you won't be if you stick with me, 'cause I'm about to go jack on with electricity. Wanna try?
George Takei WoT.png I'm fairly sure that would kill me. But there's only one way to find out!
Goal complete: Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)
You Recruited George Takei!

Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 4

Amy WOT.png My parents won't get away with this, Mr Takei. I'm going to go confront them about their celebrity-napping.
George Takei WoT.png Careful, Amy, your father's a powerful man. He could destroy my acting career. Remember Dobbo the Adored?
Amy WOT.png No.
George Takei WoT.png [...]
Amy WOT.png Ohhh...
Amy confronts her parents. Confront Leo and Inez Wong. Complete Mars Mission Georgie Porgy.
Leo Wong WOT.png No hard feeling, Mr. Takei. Me and Inez are big fans.
George Takei WoT.png I'm sure Amy will show me the same hospitality that you have.
Leo Wong WOT.png Good luck! Amy a terrible cook.
George Takei WoT.png But on the bright side, she won't imprison me, so I'd call it even.
Amy WOT.png I'm truly sorry for the hell my parents put you through, Mr. Takei.
George Takei WoT.png I wouldn't call it "hell", Amy. Hell is being fired by Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice". Can you believe I lost to John Rich?
Amy WOT.png Who's John Rich?
George Takei WoT.png To this day, I have no idea.
Goal complete: Takei It Or Leave It Pt. 4 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Oh My! Pt 1

Fry WOT.png What are you going to do while you're here?
George Takei WoT.png I'm planning a personal appearance tour, to bask in the adoration of my billions of fans.
Fry WOT.png That could be risky. They may love you onscreen and online for free, but they not want to pay. Trust me, I know.
George Takei begins tour planning. Have George Takei play Fry's holophonor.
Fry WOT.png I wish I could play the holophonor that well. You must have had years of practice.
George Takei WoT.png I've never played the holophonor in my life. I'm just naturally good at everything I try. I know nothing about soccer, yet I led the Takei City Bandits to victory by scoring every goal in the World Cup final. Now let me tell you about my line of fine mens' cologne.
Goal complete: Oh My! Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Oh My! Pt 2

George Takei WoT.png I'll need to reach as many people as I can to publicize my tour.
Amy WOT.png I can help you spread the word through social media. But we'll need to take some sexy selfies.
George Takei WoT.png I don't think I know how to do that... Ha! I had you going there for a minute, didn't I? Let me just put a few strategic rips in my shirt.
Have George Takei Use Twitcher (6h). Have Amy attend a social event (8h).
Amy WOT.png Glawsome! Our latest post just got 500,000 likes on Twitcher.
George Takei WoT.png I'm George Takei, Amy. Normally I get 500,000 likes just for scratching my ass. I think the Wong-Takei double-selfie format is dragging me down.
Amy WOT.png I'm being as naked as I can get!
Goal complete: Oh My! Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Oh My! Pt 3

George Takei WoT.png For my live appearances, I want to show some clips of me in my youth. So I'll need to find some old tapes.
Fry WOT.png But those tapes were banned from Earth, remember?
George Takei WoT.png Oh, I'm sure I can find them somewhere. But do you think I'll get in trouble for screening them?
Fry WOT.png Eh. You'll be fine as long as they don't show you doing anything crazy. Like fencing shirtless, or building a plexiglass whale tank.
George Takei WoT.png Uh oh.
Have George Takei search for old Star Trek tapes (4h). Have Fry buy retro junk (4h).
George Takei WoT.png The vital tapes have been located and I'm ready for my first live performance. I sure hope it goes well.
Fry WOT.png Silently present a bouquet of flowers to my retiring elementary school teacher and run offstage.
Goal complete: Oh My! Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Oh My! Pt 4

Bender WOT.png So you need a venue for your show, right? I got two available: a roomy theater and Fry's bedroom. Either one will cost you $2000.
George Takei WoT.png I'll go with the roomy theater.
Bender WOT.png Great. Just remember: when it's too late to find another place, the theater will suddenly become unavailable and you'll have to use the bedroom. It's called the old "Bend and Switch". By me, anyway.
George Takei finds a venue. Have George Takei look for a new venue. (8h) Have Bender take off head and spin it. (2h)
Fry WOT.png Everyone loved your show, Mr. Takei. It was a standing-room-only crowd!
George Takei WoT.png In your bedroom, that doesn't mean too much.
Fry WOT.png Don't sell yourself short. When Bender booked the Rolling Stones in there, the place was only half-full.
Goal complete: Oh My! Pt. 4 (Nixonbucks.png 100, Xp-wot.png 75)

Space Case

You've completed the event and made George Takei very proud. Complete the optional missions to collect your reward!
Complete the remaining space missions and collect the George Takei statue. Complete George of the Space Jungle. Complete Takei With a Vengance.
Goal complete: The George Takei Experience (Takei statue.png 1, Nixonbucks.png 500, Xp-wot.png 400)

StarJar Pt. 1

Fry WOT.png Neil deGrasse Tyson? What are you doing here?
Neil Tyson WOT.png I'm researching the Hypnowaves on behalf of my institution, the Hayden Planetarium.
Fry WOT.png Did you say you were in an institution with Hayden Panettiere? She's my favorite actress! I've been waiting ten years to use that. And it was worth it.
Neil deGrasse Tyson begins his research. Have Neil deGrasse Tyson Go for a Loop (2h) Have Fry Lounge in His Underwear (8h)
Neil Tyson WOT.png Sorry about the aerobatics. My thrusters started malfunctioning.
Fry WOT.png Whoo! That's what SHE said!
Neil Tyson WOT.png After I finish my Hypnowave research, I'm going to investigate how anybody can put up with you.
Fry WOT.png Good luck!
Goal complete: StarJar Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks.png 200, Xp-wot.png 150)

StarJar Pt. 2

Professor WOT.png Good luck analyzing the Hypnowaves, Tyson. I've gotten nowhere, but maybe a "science communicator" will have better luck.
Neil Tyson WOT.png I've published over a dozen significant papers in astrophysics. What have you accomplished?
Professor WOT.png I invented a device that lets you smell faraway things and an extremely long finger! I wish I was dead.
Neil Tyson WOT.png Probably will be soon.
Neil deGrasse Tyson uses science. Have Neil deGrasse Tyson Do Astronomy. (3h) Have The Professor Use the Finglonger. (1h)
Neil Tyson WOT.png It's apparent that the Hypnowaves are highly unstable.
Professor WOT.png Did you figure that out yourself, Einstein?
Neil Tyson WOT.png No, you kept shouting it in my ear.
Professor WOT.png Just making sure we all know whose name appears first on the paper.
Goal complete: StarJar Pt. 2 (Nixonbucks.png 200, Xp-wot.png 150)

StarJar Pt. 3

Neil Tyson WOT.png I suspect the hypnowaves can be neutralized by passing them through curved space. I'll need some kind of immensely powerful bending apparatus.
Bender WOT.png I'm some kind of immensely powerful bending apparatus. I once bent an entire prison.
Neil Tyson WOT.png With those arms? They look like spaghetti strands.
Bender WOT.png You don't have a lot of friends, do you, Tyson?
Neil deGrasse Tyson uses science. Have Neil deGrasse Tyson Do Astronomy. (3h) Have The Professor Use the Finglonger. (1h)
Neil Tyson WOT.png I've scanned for hypnowaves.
Bender WOT.png What did you find?
Neil Tyson WOT.png The hypnowaves have spread like a nasty digitally-transmitted robo virus.
Bender WOT.png Spare me the lecture about setting up a secure firewall. Those things take away all the pleasure.
Goal complete: StarJar Pt. 3 (Nixonbucks.png 200, Xp-wot.png 150)

StarJar Pt. 4

Neil Tyson WOT.png I'm off to look for vintage telescopes. It's a nerdy hobby of mine.
Amy WOT.png How did you ever become heavyweight champion of the world?
Neil Tyson WOT.png You're thinking of MIKE Tyson.
Amy WOT.png Wow, a boxer AND a mindreader. I'm impressed.
Neil deGrasse Tyson practices a hobby. Have Neil deGrasse Tyson Shop for Old Telescopes. (8h) Have Amy Drink Girly Cocktail. (8h)
Neil Tyson WOT.png I couldn't find any telescopes that fit my personality.
Amy WOT.png You need a new hobby. maybe you could take tennis lessons.
Neil Tyson WOT.png I have no limbs! Maybe you could take a sensitivity training course. Or an eye test.
Amy WOT.png I'm not impressed any more.
Goal complete: StarJar Pt. 4 (Nixonbucks.png 200, Xp-wot.png 150)

StarJar Pt. 5

Neil Tyson WOT.png To complete my research, I'll need access to a roof.
Bender WOT.png My favorite crime is "breaking and accessing." But what do I get for my trouble?
Neil Tyson WOT.png If you carry me to the roof, I'll put your name on the study.
Bender WOT.png The Bender Report: Why He's Great and Maybe Some Other Stuff. I like the sound of that.
Neil deGrasse Tyson looks to the stars. Have Neil deGrasse Tyson Hang Out on the Roof. (4h) Have Bender Take Pictures and Say Neat. (4h)
Neil Tyson WOT.png I have concluded that the hypnowaves are entirely man-made. Wait a minute. I meant to say "toad-made". Sometimes my little claws write whatever they want.
Bender WOT.png Smooth move, Tyson. Whenever anything goes wrong, blame it on your robot hands. That's what I do. I call it "pleading handsanity".
Goal complete: StarJar Pt. 5 (Nixonbucks.png 200, Xp-wot.png 150)

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