Xmas, 3000

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Xmas, 3000
Xmas Story.jpg
Celebrated when25 December, 3000
Celebrated whereEarth,
Celebrated byEarthicans,
Contents of eventSanta's arrival
First appearance"Xmas Story" (2ACV04)

Xmas, 3000 was the last Xmas of the 30th century. It was held on the 25th of December, 3000. This year, Santa comes to New New York, mainly focusing on the Planet Express crew and Bender's homeless Robot friends. [2ACV04] Zoidberg was the only one known to be considered nice this Xmas, and is given a pogo stick by Santa as a result. At Planet Express, Santa continues the festivities. Rudolph begins detonation, but, before the explosion, Zoidberg cuts a string of lights on a Xmas tree with his claws. The loose wire falls and electrocutes Santa, allowing the crew to force him into the fireplace. Bender and his homeless friends seal the fireplace before Rudolph explodes, blasting Santa and his reindeer out of the building. Everyone sits down to an Xmas dinner prepared by Bender - consisting of the parrot Fry had bought for Leela, though Nibbler quickly devoured it. The crew then sings "Santa Claus Is Gunning You Down" at night.

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