Admiral Chew

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Tertiary character
Admiral Chew
Admiral Chew.png
Admiral Chew (right) speaking with Zapp through a universal translator in 3012 (7ACV05).
First appearance"Zapp Dingbat" (7ACV05)
Voiced byUnknown

Admiral Chew is a Carcaron. In 3012, he negotiated the Treaty of Table 7 with Zapp (7ACV05).

A character design of Admiral Chew released by Countdown to Futurama on 25 May 2012. [1]


In May 2012, Countdown to Futurama introduced Admiral Chew as the "Carcaron admiral" through a character design (released on 25 May), [1] revealed his name through a video in which he negotiated the Treaty of Table 7 with Zapp (released on 29 May) [2] and revealed "Carcaron" to be the name of his species through the fourth Futurama podcast (released on 29 May). [3]

Additional information



    Zapp: Now, Admiral, in exchange for your promise not to attack us, we will grant you exclusive fishing rights in Supernova Scotia.
    [A universal translator makes strange sounds. Kif looks at it. Admiral Chew - who has grabbed his speaker - makes similar sounds as he shrugs.]
    Universal translator: Well, okay.



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