Anti-backwards crystal

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Anti-backwards crystal
First appearanceBender's Game
Not to be confused with the Die of Power.

When the single non-local metaparticle was accidentally created by Professor Farnsworth, a pure anti-backwards crystal was created.

In an ill-conceived attempt to create a more durable harpsichord wax Professor Farnsworth put several dark matter (then useless) pieces in a particle accelerator, but because of quantum physics (as Deepak Chopra taught us that anything can happen for no reason), the dark matter was transformed into a single non-local meta-practicle in the form of a crystal that links all dark matter in the universe together, making it usable as fuel. With one drawback, if it ever came close enough to the anti-backwards crystal, it would render all dark matter useless again. Mom had stolen the Metaparticle, but thought the anti-backwards crystal was destoyed. When the fuel prices went skyrocketing, the Planet Express crew set out to take the anti-backwards crystal close enough to the metaparticle. After an adventure in an alternate reality, the crystals met and all Dark Matter was made useless again.

Additional info


  • When the Professor put the anti-backwards energy crystal close enough to the metaparticle it made a reaction on all dark matter and through Bender's imagination created Cornwood.
  • The crystal is shaped like a twelve-sided (dodecahedral) die.