Bernilla's fiancé

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Tertiary character
Colorama character
Bernilla's fiancé
Bernilla with her fiancé in 1000003011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon
First appearance"Reincarnation" (6ACV26)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Bernilla's fiancé is an enormous arachnid. He asked Bernilla to marry him and give her a giant diamondium ring containing Fry and Leela in 1000003011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon

Additional Info


    Bernilla's fiancé: [off camera] Bernilla, my love, [on camera] will you marry me?
    [The male arachnid kneels and removes the giant diamondium ring from the box.]
    Bernilla: Blorg! Blorg! [The male arachnid puts the giant diamondium ring on Bernilla's left arm.] A thousand times blorg!
    [Bernilla and the male arachnid begin hugging, close their eyes, and begin kissing.]