Bont the Viscous

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Tertiary character
Bont the Viscous
Bont the Viscous on Trisol in 3000 (1ACV07).
Planet of originTrisol
ProfessionEmperor of Trisol
First appearance"My Three Suns" (1ACV07)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Bont the Viscous is the Emperor of Trisol.


Bont the Viscous was succeeded by Fry and succeeded Fry as the Emperor in 3000 (1ACV07) and attended the Ultimate Robot Fighting match between the Gender Bender and Destructor in 3001 (2ACV08), the violet dwarf star implosion ceremony in 3009 (ItWGY) and the 100th delivery party in 3010 (6ACV12).

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Additional Info


  • Bont is a ball game originating from Southern France.
  • Although the average length of the reign on Trisol is one week (1ACV07), Bont the Viscous is still Emperor in 3010 (6ACV12).


    [A Trisolian starts to hit Fry with a chair.]
    Fry: Hey, wait a minute! Who are you?
    Bont the Viscous: I'm the Emperor! Thanks for crying me out.
    [Fry looks at his stomach and sees that it is back to normal.]
    Fry: Oh, you're welcome.
    [Bont the Viscous hits him with the chair again.]