Countess von Luftballon

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Tertiary character
Countess von Luftballon
Countess von Luftballon.png
The countess von Luftballon at Oktoberfest in 3012 (7ACV08).
Planet of originEarth, Germany (likely)
First appearance"Fun on a Bun" (7ACV08)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

The countess von Luftballon is a woman who attended Oktoberfest in 3012 (7ACV08). Fry made a bad impression on her at Oktoberfest, despite being warned by Leela that she was watching him.

Additional information


  • The countess von Luftballon is a German version of a stereotypical upper-class old woman who often appears on Futurama and The Simpsons in various forms, usually proclaiming "Well, I never!" in disgust.
  • Her name is likely derived from the 1983 Nena song "99 Luftballons".
  • In German, "von" means "from" and "Luftballon" means "air balloon".


    Countess von Luftballon: Ich bin I never!


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