Dave Borden

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Tertiary character
Abandoned character
Dave Borden
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
Voiced byUnknown

Dave Borden was the guidance counselor at Fry's presumed high school in the original script for "Space Pilot 3000". He seemed to believe Fry was going to drop out of school, and wanted to know Fry's goals. When Fry said that he wanted to be an action hero, Mr. Borden responded that Fry's grades were going to be an impediment to that goal. Dave Borden was cut before the final cut of the episode was produced.

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    Mr. Borden: Listen, Fry. You're fifteen, and soon it'll be time for you to drop out. Do you have any realistic goals for the future?
    Fry: I certainly do, sir. I'm going to be some kind of action hero. Possibly in outer space.
    Borden: Not with your grades.