Early history

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Bender steals Ramses' sarcophagus
The "frog" and "snake"

Early history stands for the years before the 1st century.


  • The Big Bang
  • Milliseconds after the Big Bang
    • The evil Brain Spawn come into being and begin their war against the Nibblonians that rages until the 31st century.
  • Eons ago
    • A frog-like creature and a snake-like creature cooperated to get food and survive, but later evolved to eat the other as food.
  • 65.5 million years ago
  • Before 28,997,000 BC
  • 1351 BC
    • Bender steals Ramses' sarcophagus
  • 274 BC

Alternate realities

  • 1351 BC
    • Ramses' sarcophagus is buried.