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Secondary character
Gus on the right
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"The 30% Iron Chef" (3ACV22)
Voiced byBilly West

Gus is a hobo, often hanging out at Bumbase Alpha. Gus suffers from being mentally ill, rather than drunk as assumed by Bender. Before being a hobo, Gus was a senator in the Earth government, during which time ate at Helmut Spargle's most famous restaurant. Gus is only seen together with his friend, Dandy Jim until the episode, "That Darn Katz!" where he is seen cooking an egg on the sidewalk, while simultaneously being cooked by Horrible Gelatinous Blob.

Additional Info



    Gus: I once et there back when I what-was a senator!

    Gus: Oh, I'm not drunk, I'm mentally ill. But I likes what what you said.

    Bender: Aw, shoot.
    Killbot: Someone said shoot. [He and his companion shoot another Killbot.]
    Bender: [He screams.] Quick! Shield yourself with a hobo! [Bender and Hermes use Gus to protect themselves from the Killbots.]
    Gus: Okay, but I what warn you. Bullets generally pass right through me. [The Killbots shoot him.] Yes, sir. That just substantiated my thesis.