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Tertiary character
Sal's friend.png
Sal (left) and Hoschel (right).
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Parasites Lost" (3ACV02)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Hoschel (also known as Sal's friend) is friends with Sal. They work together as ironworkers, but pass most of the time watching sensational Internet videos, such as Leela's singing butt boil. He is also a trucker, and has participated in the destruction derby.

Additional Info


  • Following his creation, the character is used whenever Sal is in a situation where he needs to be with a friend.
  • With the release of the fifth volume DVD set, we finally learned his name. It is mentioned as a piece of trivia in the commentary track for "Attack of the Killer App", though it is hard to distinguish because several people are talking at the same time.


    Truckstop guy: [Referring to Leela.] Lookie there! It's one of them things like on our mud flaps!
    Hoschel: Yosemite Sam?

    Hoschel: It's both disgusting and inspiring, like Jared from "Subway".