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Tertiary characters
Yo Leela Leela 3.png
From left to right: Garbly, Doingg, Princess Num Num, Feffernoose, and Lady Buggle. [6ACV21]
Planet of originRumbledy-hump
ProfessionReality TV characters
First appearance"Yo Leela Leela" (6ACV21)
Voiced byMultiple

The Humplings are a group of cartoonish and whimsical beings who inhabit the planet Rumbledy-Hump.

They were first encountered by Turanga Leela when trying to write a story to entertain an orphanage. She "invents" the characters Lady Buggle, Feffernoose, Doingg, Princess Num Num and Garbly, stealing their likenesses, personalities, and adventures in order to write her children's television show, Rumbledy-hump. [6ACV21]

They appear to have no real logic to their bodies, taking the form of living springs, cupcakes and anthropomorphic butterflies. They are of higher intelligence, knowing how to speak, be kind, and know when they are being exploited for profit. They have an overwhelming sense of happiness, to the point that they had never encountered a frown before meeting Leela.

Additional information


    Lady Buggle: I'm sadder than an upside-down smile.
    Leela: You mean a frown?
    Lady Buggle: We didn't have a word for it... until now.[6ACV21]