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The Infosphere levelling system is currently a work in progress, which means that the contents of this article may not be accurate when (or if) it is done.


Each article on the Infosphere are listed on two scales; "Quality" and "Focus" (more on these further down), each which are to explain the status of the article in question.

The usage of these is for editors, as well as readers, to easier disguise what articles needs focus and what articles are worthy of featured status.


The quality level describes the current state of the article in 5 different levels.

Smallish article, just begun and can serve as a board to create a real article.
The article has further information, even sections and trivia information (trivia may also be contents in an infobox, rather than an actual section), but fails to get a good grip around the subject at hand.
Article is around the basics of the topic, it has the most information and has the information a regular user could need.
A good article makes further development in discussion and debating the subject at hand, it also uses the Infosphere's standards to the fullest, and all the categories are aligned correctly.
There is just something about this article that would make give it a standing ovation. It is firm on the subject, and it is far beyond what you would expect, and it is to the point, well linked and structured.

The first three levels, Stub, Start and Developed are the only 3 automatic levels, which can be determined by a bot or does not require a vote to assign them. Good and Brilliant, on the other hand, requires a vote to determine whether they are as good as they are said to be.


The focus level describes the amount of focus that the article in question have been granted in 4 different levels.

Large focus
Medium focus
Little focus
A focus is not set (default)


In order to assign an article with these fields, use the {{article}} template on the article in question's talk page. See its documentation for further information.