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First appearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs

Jakabirds are mindless birds that form a symbiotic relationship with Yivo by eating parasitic larvae and keeping shklis body clean.

It is clearly stated that Yivo was the only living being in shkler own universe, which discounts the Jakabirds for their mindlessness, thus rendering not to be counted as beings alongside Yivo's universe. The Jakabirds may have been created by Yivo after contact with Universe Gamma. It is unknown if the parasites on Yivo's body also count as other beings.

Additional Info


  • Jakabirds look exactly like stereotypical angels. This is so because Yivo once sent an image of shklerself to artists on Earth, who based the design of Heaven on shkler body and depicted them as much more divine creatures.
  • Their cries are identical to chickens.


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