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John DiMaggio
John DiMaggio.jpg
John DiMaggio in a photo posted on his Facebook page in January 2013.
ProfessionVoice actor
Born4 September, 1968
IMDB profilenm0224007
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John William DiMaggio is an American voice actor, actor and comedian who is one of the primary voice actors on Futurama, voicing Bender Bending Rodriguez and dozens of secondary and one-time characters. Before getting into acting he was a stand-up comedian in the comedy duo "Red Johnny and the Round Guy", and today works mostly as a voice actor.

Outside of Futurama, he can be heard doing voices in Jackie Chan Adventures, Samurai Jack, Kim Possible, and Teen Titans, as well as The Animatrix and Princess Mononoke. Recent work includes playing Rico the Penguin in the Madagascar franchise, Shnitzel from Cartoon Network's Chowder, Jake the Dog on Adventure Time, and Final Fantasy XII as the voice for Gilgamesh. [1] He also provided the voice for Grievous and Sha'a Gi for Chapter 20 of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

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  1. ^ Gilgamesh is mentioned in "The Inhuman Torch".