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<poem>'''Minx''': Aw, man.  I can't afford no {{w|Medicare (United States)|Medicare}} copayments.</poem>
<poem>'''Minx''': Aw, man.  I can't afford no {{w|Medicare ''[United States.]'' |Medicare}} copayments.</poem>

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Tertiary character
Minx in Impound Lot 136, in 3013 (7ACV15).
Planet of originLikely Earth, United States, New New York
RelativesVerbally abusive father
First appearance"2-D Blacktop" (7ACV15)
Voiced byLauren Tom

Minx is a street racer who was emotionally scarred by years of unspoken verbal abuse from her father, who hurt her with what he left unsaid (7ACV15). She was saved from him by her boyfriend, Benny.

Professor Farnsworth spent some time with her and her gang after he left Planet Express, in 3013, and grew an affection for her. She and her gang briefly replaced Fry, Leela, Bender, and the professor in the Planet Express crew while they were in the second dimension. When they returned to the third dimension, her father called her, and they finally spoke.


Minx and her gang were first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1] They made a speaking appearance in a preview clip for the season's first episode, "2-D Blacktop", in April. [2] This clip was the subject of a Countdown to Futurama promo released in June. [3]

Additional information


    Minx: Aw, man. I can't afford no [[wikipedia:Medicare [United States.] |Medicare]] copayments.



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