Mom's Caustic Anti-Fungal Bleach

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Mom's Caustic Anti-Fungal Bleach
Mom's anti-fungal.png
First appearance"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)

Mom's Caustic Anti-Fungal Bleach is one of many products created by MomCorp. Through the use of the millions of eyePhones sold by MomCorp, Mom was able to collect personal information about everyone, allowing her to exploit them by advertising products that appeal to them directly to their eyePhones. The anti-fungal bleach was advertised directly to Fry's eyePhone by Mom and her sons, after he posted a Twitcher update about scratching his "underarm fungus". [6ACV03]

Additional Information


    [Fry walks into another room, still scratching his armpit when a pop-up advertisement appears on his eyePhone screen.]
    Man: Do you suffer from the heartbreak of...?
    Pre-recorded Fry: "—my underarm fungus."
    Man: Then, you, Mr. or Mrs....
    Pre-recorded Fry: [burping sound]
    Man: ...need the soothing relief of Mom's Caustic Anti-Fungal Bleach!