Mr. Burns

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Tertiary character
Mr. Charles Montgomery Burns
AgeOver 200. Consult Simpsons Wiki for more accurate answers
Date of birthConsult Simpsons Wiki
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionCEO of Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant
RelativesConsult the Simpsons wiki
First appearance"Simpsorama"
Voiced byHarry Shearer

In the Simpsons - Futurama crossover , Simpsorama, the town dig a hole to place the Springfield Elementary time capsule, only to find large amounts of nuclear waste pumping through (including an Atomic Energy Commission employee inside) The whole crowd instantly stares at Mr. Burns, but he responds "That could be ANYONE'S ooze". Obviously though, this has the Nuclear Power Plant's hands all over it. His only other appearance in the Futurama franchise is in "Somewhere Over the Brain-bow!" (US#X01)