Omega Device

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The Omega Device
Omega Device.png
Owner(s)The Legion of Mad Fellows
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

The Omega Device was a device invented by a blind inventor, used to momentarily disable a Dark One via a localized blast of delta-band noise. Exactly how it works remains unknown, as its blind inventor only described it once to a deaf person. Or so the legend goes. Fry used it to momentarily disable the Dark One. When activated the device unfolds into a spear like shape and immediately creates a small green pulse. Apparently, the Omega Device requires a power source.

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  • The word Omega means End, this may be a reference to the fact it is used to assistance in destroying the Dark Ones, and appeared in the final movie, and at the time, final episode.
  • The sphere created by the Omega Device looks slightly similar to a Time Sphere.