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Tertiary character
Robot God
Robot God and Bender.
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionRuler of Robot Heaven
First appearance"Ghost in the Machines" (6ACV19)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr
For other uses, see God.

Robot God is the ruler of Robot Heaven, where good robots go when they die. First appearing in "Ghost in the Machines", he retrieved Bender from Robot Hell for saving Philip J. Fry from a spherical building that was rolling after him on the Amish homeworld. He then allowed Bender to return to his old body, thus bring himself back to life. Given the way Bender addresses Robot God, it is indicated that they have met before. Robot God may be a robot form of the Galactic Entity.

Additional Info


  • He bears a resemblance with Robot 1-X.
    • Though this is less important, Robot God also closely resembles Eve from the 2008 animated movie, WALL-E.
  • Robot God was originally a concept that would appear in "Hell Is Other Robots". When this was mentioned in the commentary for that episode, Matt Groening humorously quipped, "There is no Robot God."
  • Robotology is a religion that believes in Robot Heaven, and presumably Robot God.
  • In "Benderama", a male voice tells Bender to "walk toward the light".
    • The Netflix captions label the male voice as Robot God.


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