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The Man With No Name.png
SpeciesHuman (sadly)
Planet of originEarth (disappointingly)
First appearance1987

I'm Svip, awesome I may appear, but fear not. Thou shan't prevail.

But you're probably more interested in my bot, SvipBot

The Truth

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey was proved wrong.
  • 2015: Back to the Future II will be proved wrong.
  • 2100: Zero Wing will be proved wrong.
  • 2160: Star Control II will be proved wrong.
  • 2300: Star Trek will be proved wrong.
  • 2500: Firefly will be proved wrong.
  • 3000: Futurama will be proved wrong.
  • ca 3500: I am right! \o/ (you can't prove it won't happen!)

As for Star Wars: Hey, Lucas, even Tolkien was man enough to make his works take place in this galaxy (actually on this planet)!

If I forgot some popular science fiction, please alert me!