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A screenshot from "Assie Come Home", which serves as the thumbnail for the Vulture preview clip.

The Vulture preview clip (labelled "Futurama: The Planet Express Crew Is Back!") is a preview clip for broadcast season 10. It was released by Comedy Central, and was reported by, [1] one of the websites of New York Magazine. It contains footage from all the episodes of the season but "Forty Percent Leadbelly".

Before being released, the clip was screened at Cobb's Comedy Club, in San Francisco. [2]

Clip contents

Clip transcript

    Leela: Hee-yah!

    Drrr: Open your mouth and say [long scream].
    Good God!

    Bender: Ta-da!

    Gorilla: Gentlemen. The new office chairs are here.

    Leela: It's time we solved this problem the old-fashioned way. By shooting it!
    Bender: Wait wait wait wait. You can't give everybody guns. What if one of us is the creature?
    It could be any of us. Fry... Leela... Amy... Zoidberg... Zoidberg.
    Zoidberg #1: One of us must be the bad creature.
    Zoidberg #2: Is it me, maybe?

    Professor Farnsworth: Now, we just re-introduce Calculon's programming to his body, using science.
    Amy: It's like magic, but... with electricity.
    Professor Farnsworth: First, we put on our protective suits. Then, place the body equidistant from the five nearest wireless network hubs.
    Hermes: This is the least scientific thing I've ever seen!
    Professor Farnsworth: You be quiet!
    Now... it's a simple matter of reverse-installing Calculon's operating system.
    Amy. Play this installation disc backwards.
    Installation disc: Rise from the dead in the name of Satan!

    Robot Devil: These guys.

    Professor Farnsworth: Oh, my!

    Dr Banjo: Wild human! Wild human!

    Bender: Place your bets. Wee!

    Bender: You know... I'm feelin' a little—

    Fry: I died. I'm dead. I'm gonna die!

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