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Secondary character
Cornwood character
Age~30 (see Ages of Mom's Sons)
RelativesSee family section
First appearanceBender's Game
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Waltazar is the oldest of Momon's sons, and is generally the most loyal of the three, if not also the most reliable. He has grown to use some of his mother's method of slapping his younger brothers, when he feels they are being inappropriate, and she often commands him to slap them.

When Cornwood was created, Walt from Universe Γ became Waltazar. His role in Cornwood is the same as in Universe Γ, as the most competent of his mother's sons. He is allowed to lead important missions for her, such as Momon's Invasion of Wipe Castle. During the invasion, he was last seen getting hit by a ram, before Cornwood was destoyed.

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