Whale biologist

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Tertiary character
Whale biologist
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The whale biologist is employed by the Brooklyn Aquarium. He works closely with Mushu, despite the fact that he has a deep-seated hatred of the whale. [4ACV16] As a result, he often makes disparaging remarks under his breath towards the whale. He refuses to disclose why, as someone who hates whales, he works as a whale biologist. However, he may be forced to due to a career chip.

He is stereotyped as being accurate and knowing marine biology details far more complex than basic facts common people know of. This is an advantage for him since he is trusted.

In 3008, he went on a date with a planet-sized monster. [TBwaBB]

In 3009, he attended the ceremony for the implosion of the violet dwarf star. [ItWGY]

In 3010, he attended Planet Express's 100th-delivery party, where he danced with Femputer. [6ACV12]

In 3013, he attended Bender's funeral. [7ACV14]

Additional Info


    Leela: I'd like a pass to swim with Mushu, please.
    Whale biologist: Well, you asked the right guy. I'm the whale biologist. Though personally I hate whales. Especially Mushu.
    Leela: Then why'd you become a whale biologist?
    Whale biologist: I don't know you well enough to get into that.

    Whale biologist: And now, ignorant whale-lovers, we'll see who's boss when I make Mushu jump through this hoop! Jump, Mushu!

    Whale biologist: And the fifth reason whales kill is for the sheer fun of it.
    Leela: Anything else?
    Whale biologist: Yeah. You're lumpy and you smell awful. [Leela glares.] Hey, I calls 'em like I sees 'em! I'm a whale biologist.

    Leela: Oh, crud. He ate my suit.
    Whale biologist: The suit was ugly! [Leela glares.] Whale biologist.

    Whale biologist: He's got aquarium property! Stop him!
    URL: Better do what he says. He's a whale biologist.

    Whale biologist: I don't want your watch! You're covered in precious Ambergris.
    Kif: Precious hamburgers?