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The Deep South.jpg
LocationThe floor of the Atlantic Ocean, Earth
First appearance"The Deep South" (2ACV12)

The Lost City of Atlanta is a mythical ruin city underwater in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was once believed lost for centuries and some regarded it only as a legend and myth. It was not until the Planet Express crew stumbled upon the city and proved the legends true. Atlanta's citizens are the Merfolk.


Atlanta was once a landlocked city and the capital of U.S. state of Georgia. To gain a more attractive site for tourism, it decided to be moved offshore into the Atlantic Ocean. There, it became a centre of tourism and even bigger Delta hub.

However, the city overdeveloped and the city sank. While sinking, famous people, like Ted Turner, the guy who invented Coca Cola, the Magician and even Jane Fonda, decided to flee. The remaining population decided to stay behind, and with the help of the caffeine from the Coca-Cola bottling plant, they evolved into Merfolk quickly enough for them to survive underwater for it to become a populated sunken city.

Since none of the Merfolk made contact with the population on the land, the city was deemed lost forever, and its citizens gone with it. However, in 3001, the Planet Express crew stumbled upon the city during a fishing trip and in an attempt for save their lost friend, Philip J. Fry, whom they believed had gone mad when he claimed to have seen a mermaid.

Despite being able to breathe using devices the Merfolk had developed, the Planet Express crew decided to leave soon after learning of the involvement between Philip J. Fry and The Colonel's daughter, Umbriel. Philip didn't stay long though, after learning that although mermaids may be the stuff of legend, they certainly are not doable in bed.


Additional Info


  • The lost city of Atlanta is, of course, a spoof on the legendary lost city of Atlantis.
  • The logo of the Atlanta Braves blernsball team is a trident, rather than a tomahawk (as in real life), to reflect the city's relocation.
  • The CNN logo is changed after Atlanta moves offshore to become SeaNN