Biographic projector

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Biographic projector
Biographic projector.jpg
With Fry hooked up, Leela turns on the projector.
Owner(s)Applied Cryogenics
UsageDetermine career assignments
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

The biographic projector was a machine owned by Applied Cryogenics that would review a person's life and help the Fate Assignment Officer determine what job the defrostee was best suited for. The projector resembles a large flat-screen television atop numerous control panels, and is activated by pointing the remote control at the subjects head and pressing the power button. In the storyboard for "Space Pilot 3000", Leela hooked Fry up to the machine and it displayed his life before he was frozen. The projector showed Fry shortly after his birth, and then images of Fry as a teenager (in Dave Borden's office, watching The Simpsons, and in the A.V. Club), and then Fry fighting with Janet about working on New Year's Eve 1999. After showing his life, the machine determined that Fry is a loser and assigned him as a delivery boy, much to his displeasure.

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  • The biographic projector was cut in in the final episode. Instead, Fry's fate is determined in Leela's office after he goes through the probulator.


    Leela: This is a biographic projector. It'll help me assign you your place in society.

    Fry: [After viewing his life on the projector.] Man. I guess I was pretty close to bordering on being a loser.
    Leela: It's not for me to say. [Checks control panel.] Though that is what the machine is indicating.